AI Insurance for sales automation tools

November 4, 2023


An AI-powered sales automation tool has become necessity for many businesses from small-medium size businesses to enterprises to scale their sales to next level, consequently, rapid adoption of AI is expected in the sales function across industries in coming years.

What obstacles do AI-driven sales automation tools face?

One of the primary factors contributing to businesses' preference for human sales agents, call centers, and receptionists over AI is the trust deficit in AI. It's crucial for AI-powered sales automation companies to recognize that businesses prioritize the integrity of their client relationships, are risk averse with their existing customer portfo, and uphold a high standard of customer service. Therefore, they seek a higher level of confidence in their sales processes, necessitating assurance that AI sales automation tools are dependable.

How to gain trust in AI?

Many leaders want to adopt AI but are risk averse. AI companies can gain trust by adopting certain principles of AI development and deployment such as -

  1. Transparency
  2. Explainability
  3. Fairness
  4. Safety

However, it might be hard to win users even with after adhering to good principles and user's might feel more comfortable if their risk can be further minimized by an AI Insurance product such as AI performance guarantee.

How can AI Insurance help?

AI Insurance gives businesses confidence in an AI system because of two reasons -

  1. AI Insurance instills trust in AI systems by requiring them to undergo a rigorous AI audit to secure coverage.
  2. Additionally, AI Insurance offers financial security by safeguarding against potential losses stemming from AI-related issues.

Which AI Insurance products are relevant for AI powered sales automation tools?

1. AI Performance Guarantee

2. AI Factual Correctness Guarantee